‘Get to know’ Fr. Alexander Mutua Munyao

I am a loyal, Kenyan citizen by birth. School chaplain for The Rivers Secondary College with 8 years of experience working in Catholic Schools and State schools here in Australia and overseas. Talented and caring Chaplain who loves making a difference in the lives of young people. Open-minded, patient and supportive towards other people, especially […]

‘Get to know’ Kris Van Bibber

I enjoy asking leading questions and hearing how the students respond while allowing them to be heard and known with a response that fosters trust, interest and empathy.  I believe God’s Word is powerful and when the Holy Spirit becomes a part of the classroom, life-changing and belief shaping declarations are released with grace, love and […]

‘Get to know’ Robert Lingard Snr

Robert Lingard Snr. (Pastor, Phd.) Robert is a school Chaplain for the Religious Education Association of Lismore (REAL) and serves both the Richmond River High Campus and the Lismore High Campus of the Rivers Secondary College. Robert came to faith in Christ at a young age while growing up in Lismore and has sought to live out […]

Hello From Gail

I have had the pleasure to be school chaplain at Woodenbong Central School since 2007. My passion, since I came to know and love Jesus, is to share that love with everyone I meet. I have a real heart for children and youth and totally enjoy spending time listening to them and helping them to […]

Welcome Jesse

Hi, my name’s Jesse. I started teaching SRE at Lismore High and Kadina in April 2018, after moving to Lismore from Sydney with my wife Maryanne. I’ve been leading at youth groups for the last 7 years, and had experience teaching primary school scripture before I got the opportunity to teach high school SRE. I’m […]

Get To Know Kris

Howdy! My name is Kris and I became a part of REAL at the end of term 3 in 2018 at Kadina High School.  Since I am still new, I wanted to let you know a little about myself. My beautiful wife Natasha and I have been married for almost 8 years and we have […]

REAL (Lismore) current Approved Curriculum

REAL (Lismore) current Approved Curriculum  – Year 7, Year 8, Year 9  and Year 10. The above curriculum for Years 7 to 10 has been developed by REAL for use in our three Rivers College High Schools: Kadina Campus, Lismore Campus and Richmond River Campus. We have with the support of Presbyterian Youth made this Curriculum […]

S.R.E. Curriculum Overview

AIM The aim of religious education in years 7 to 10 is to enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of religion, in particular the Christian faith; identify and explore its different aspects; recognise and develop an appreciation of the influence it has on world events, culture, community, belief systems and individual behaviour. OBJECTIVES: Stage […]