S.R.E. Curriculum Overview


The aim of religious education in years 7 to 10 is to enable students to gain knowledge and understanding of religion, in particular the Christian faith; identify and explore its different aspects; recognise and develop an appreciation of the influence it has on world events, culture, community, belief systems and individual behaviour.


Stage 4   Years 7-8

Students will:

● Gain a knowledge and understanding of the historical origins of Christianity and its impact on society through the study of the Ten Commandments, the family life of biblical characters and the Christmas story.

● Begin to explore and evaluate their personal values and belief systems and determine how relevant these topics are for them today.


Stage 5   Years 9-10

Students will:

● Engage with the big questions in life such as intimacy, self image and suffering.

● Gain knowledge and understanding of the unique claims of Christianity and how it differs from other world views and religions.

● Gain basic skills in how to use the bible.

● Continue to explore and critically examine their personal values and beliefs throughout this stage.